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Interesting and tourist places in Tabernas, Almeria

From our privileged location in the centre of the region Filabres-Alhamilla you can enjoy the local gastronomy as well as the impressive natural landscapes such as the desert of Tabernas (the only desert in Europe), Karst de Sorbas caves, Tabernas castle and Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. You can also enjoy the speed in the near racetracks such as the speed racetracks in Almería and Uleila’s enduro racetracks. If you prefer to enjoy a family day you can visit the cinematographic decorations, the theme desert Park “Oasis” or even going on a 4 x 4 route.

Hostal El Puente is easily accessible by car to Almería (20 minutes) and Granada. It is only 10 minutes far from Almeria speed racetracks and 30 minutes from the airport.

The Desert of Tabernas is considered the only desert in Europe. It is located in the region of Almeria at about 30 Km of the northern area of Almería capital in the municipal districts of Tabernas, Gádor, Santa Cruz, Alboloduy and Gérgal. It is a protected natural space whose area is 280 km2. Its location between the Sierra de los Filabres in the North and Sierra Alhamilla in the Southeast, isolates the desert from the Mediterranean Sea’s wet draught. The area of Levante of the Iberian Peninsula is an area with little rainfall leaving only 243 mm of rains. The high average temperatures all over the year (17 ºC) together with one of the highest possible level of sun (3,000 h) make up a dry weather that give rise to the desert. All these conditions are aggravated by the Foehn’s effect. Rains use to be torrential, though the poor soil made up of marl, sedimentary sandstone and little vegetation can not keep humidity. On the contrary the soil suffers more erosion making up the characteristic “malpais” landscapes. All over the Spanish region of Levante dry riverbeds sometimes have torrents called “ramblas” (watercourse) in which little vegetation and native fauna can be found.

Taberna’s castle was built in the XI century during the period of the Arabic domination. It is a Nasrid castle located on the top of a hill in the outskirts of Tabernas town. At the beginning, the castle occupied the whole of the hill although nowadays only a part has been preserved. In 1489 the Catholic Monarchs signed in the castle the surrender known as “Capitulaciones de Almería”. Nowadays the castle belongs to Taberna’s town council and can be visited as it offers wonderful views of the region.
It was the second Almeria’s citadel and a very important resistance centre during the domestic fights of Granada’s Nasrid Kingdom. It was the castle of El Zagal Abu’ Abd Allah, the last Nasrid King, who was pacifically met by the Catholic Monarchs for solving the surrender of Almeria’s town.
The castle was handed over to the Christians in 1489 and in December of the same year it was the place chosen by Ferdinand the Catholic for spending a couple of nights from where he went to take the city of Almería. It was also the residence of the king when they were travelling to Granada for the signing of the surrender.
In 1522, Tabernas’s castle was in a ruinous state. In 1560, Charles V was asked by the local authorities to repair it. During the war against the Moorish, John of Austria visited Tabernas and ordered the soldiers to close the castle with walls, being the fortress completely abandoned at the end of the century.
It was declared a property of historic interest with the category of Monument according to the Resolution of the 22nd of June 1993.
Among the Castle’s legends we underline those who talk about the several secret passages communi9cating the fortress with different places of the city such as the Oscayar’s watercourse and the mills. It is thought that this construction was destroyed by the Moorish when they lost it before the Christian’s troops, this fact is feasible due to the ruinous state the castle is. During the seventies and due to the shooting of Patton film one of the castle entry doors was destroyed and an Arabic cemetery with seven tombs was discovered at the foot of the Castle. The cemetery offers wonderful views to the desert of Tabernas where badlands or bare mountains seem to be an illusory moon landscape.

In the desert of Taverns in Almería, the old film scenarios of the American western films has been changed into a western theme park recreating the golden years of the western industry. The theme park also includes the Taberna’s zoo with a zoological reserve of more than 150 animal species.
The western town was built for the shooting of the film “For a few dollars more”. You can visit the Sheriff office, the Saloon, the bank, the shop, the undertakers, the barber’s, the coach museum, the cinema museum, reliving the life of the American Far West.
The “Poblado del Oeste” counts on a saloon and a shop, and offers also the possibility to ride, to visit the wonderful cactus garden and to enjoy children’s play ground. There are also a restaurant with buffet service and integrated swimming-pool.
There are also daily live shows where the life of the hard Far West with banks and stagecoaches assaults and the Sheriff authority. There are a great number of shooted films such as “For a few Dollars more”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. In this inhospitable place with a pure and impressive beauty, many type of scenery were created American Far West’s towns, forts and Indian settlements. During the seventy’s, film producers chose the desert of Tabernas saving money for their productions and hired extras from Almeria. It was Hollywood film paradise during two intense decades. Many famous actors worked there such us Clint Eastwood, Brigitte Bardot, Anthony Quinn, Claudia Cardinale, Alain Delon, Sean Connery, Raquel Welch, Orson Welles...

· Theme park Timetable:
During the summer it is from 10:00 a.m to 21:00 p.m.
In winter only in weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 19:00h p.m.
The theme park will be closed on Mondays except for holidays.
· Far West Shows: from 12:00 a.m to 17:00 h p.m.

All the activities are organised in collaboration with the area’s leader tourism firm.

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